Offshore Wind

Offshore Wind

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Rampion Offshore Wind Farm, United Kingdom

Offshore wind is foreseen as one of the largest industrial areas for the coming decades with national targets of 30 GW installation already within 2040. Achieving renewable energy production targets through offshore wind will require a tremendous effort within research, development, innovation, and industrialization to speed and scale up according to the societal needs for clean electricity at a decent levelized cost of energy. NORCE and UiA are uniquely positioned to be integral at driving the race through their broad and advanced competencies within most of the key areas necessary to succeed, including structural design, sustainable operation and maintenance, noise pollution, marine infrastructure, marine life, environmental effects, remote sensing, areal planning, fisheries, marine geology, marine effects, electrification of infrastructure, aquaculture, bird protection, climate change, safety, governance, RD&I ecosystems, energy system and grid connection, society and social acceptance, and feed-in tariffs.

Marine technology

Foundation and mooring design and numerical simulation

Contact persons: Zhiyu Jiang (UiA), Henning Heiberg-Andersen (NORCE)

Relevant project examples: 
ImpactWind SouthWest
HULK – The Ultrastrong Green PE Fiber

Sustainable operation and maintenance

Wind measurements and data analysis, CFD modelling and turbine simulations, data visualization, condition monitoring, condition-based maintenance, prognostics, life extending controls, decision support, inspection, maintenance and repairs, drone inspections

Contact persons: Rune Schlanbusch (NORCE), Kjell Gunnar Robbersmyr (UiA)

Relevant project examples:
SFI Offshore Mechatronics
ImpactWind SouthWest

Area planning

Area and installation optimization, geology, cable and turbine fundaments, electrical integration, co-existence

Contact persons: Randi Valestrand (NORCE), Annette Fagerhaug Stephansen (NORCE)

Relevant project examples: ImpactWind SouthWest, CONWIND


Understand environmental effects individually for each wind farm, evaluate influence on marine life, robust risk analysis, support production development without compromising with marine eco systems, make recommendations for development of marine eco systems including society, biodiversity, marine regional and national politics, regulations and legislation, market mechanisms.

Contact person: Thomas Dahlgren (NORCE) 
Relevant project example: ImpactWind SouthWest

Social science

Offshore wind regional and spatial planning, energy policy, energy justice, energy democracy, multi-level governance, community energy benefits, energy infrastructures, social acceptance, rural energy transitions, energy poverty.

Contact persons: Atle Blomgren (NORCE), Mikaela Vasstrøm (UiA)
Relevant project examples: ImpactWind SouthWestWINDPLAN

Wind resources

Optimal wind farm layout, wind power forecasts for grid and market integration, satellite monitoring of wind resources.

Contact persons: Sathyajith Mathew (UiA), Yngve Heggelund (NORCE)

Relevant prosjekt examples:
Artificially Intelligent Management System (AIMS) for Distributed Wind Energy

Related research infrastructure
Project examples
Contact persons

Rune Schlanbusch

Zhiyu Jiang

Ellen Nordgård-Hansen